26 November 2012

Yeah, so this quarter has been unbearable in terms of workload. One of my professors loves giving impossible-to-complete-in-the-timeframe assignments, which means you spend so much time on those, that you neglect the OTHER THREE CLASSES.

Good news: I'm taking one less course next quarter.
 Bad news: no updates until the end of the quarter. And then I'll be out of the country until the end of the year.

Ok-ish news: The quarter's got 3-ish weeks left. I can probably eek out a few updates before my flight. Irrelevant news: For those of you who've been watching on deviantArt, if I do start another webcomic, IofM will not be neglected.

14 October 2012

Yeah, there was a weird pop-up add on the site that I isolated to the shoutbox. I deleted and then refreshed the code, but if it continues then it means I'm going to have to find an ad-free shoutbox, or we may not have a shoutbox since this is the third one that's given me more than I wanted (the other two previous ones had viruses worming their way in). For now, this shoutbox is the most secure of all of them I've had, but it seems they've recently wanted to put ads in. So far my, 'hope-it-goes-away' tactic is working and the ad hasn't come back, but ...

17 September 2012

I am slightly intimidated by my stats on the Webcomiclist. The traffic counter at the bottom of my page as long since stopped being any sort of useful ... 4 years ago, so I've completely lost track of how many people actually read this thing. I've been under the impression that it's been like, 10 of you guys refreshing the page over and over again hoping that I'll update or something. o.0

08 September 2012

Hey all, sorry about the lack of updates for a while. Things have been ... busy. Not just with the wedding. Not really going to get into it too much, but my potential future career in the arts is kind of getting flipped upside down right now, and I'm 100% resisting the idea of going back into engineering. It might all be in my head if nowhere else, but plan for potential failure right? It's all just kinda... meh. There's too much unknown ground and things I can't deal with. But whatevs. I'll suck it up. And cope with alcohol. (and by that, I mean less than a bottle of hard lemonade. I'm asian, and we don't deal with that shite well.)

04 April 2012


I will be a part of an Artist Alley Table at Anime Central 2012! One of 3 artists under the name "Agepoyo", I will be selling stickers, bookmarks, and fanart prints.

IF you will be at Acen as well, come up and say, "Hey, I read IofM! Can I have a sketch of ~insert char here~?"
AKA, I will be doing free sketches for IofM readers. :D

The free sketches will be quick sketches, and will not be listed on my price list. So just ask for it. You may also want to verify you have the correct artist too :p